Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Infinite wisdom and yet it is tuesday...

Another day... Or is it.. As time passes mundanely by we all take precious moments to relive that which we hold most dear. Reflexive it is and done without thought. We are reminded of previous days that too held a longing for something we could not quite grasp or understand and we let slip away without knowing what it was we were even attempting to accomplish.

Tuesday comes and yet another passing glimpse of what I need passes me by. Do I notice? Do I take heed of the static that swiftly rushes by as the sounds of nothing pass by? In that infinite second that takes an eternity and longer to visualize I am hit with the cold, stark reality of my own humanity.

Time passes, the world that ebbs forward is more in focus as the haunting past creeps forward to cling on an understanding that forestalls independent thought. Is it right to be visualized differently by those who feel nothing for the cautionary net they cunningly wrap around human souls while taking bit by bit, day by day...

Sound strange? Maybe... but if you consider what happened today it all makes sense... then again, maybe not!

Happy Tuesday everyone! :0)

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  1. Hmmmm....The crazy mind-workings of my bro....